Melaka’s a Cracker

Today we took a squeaky creaky propeller plane from Penang to Melaka, first time for the kids on such a small plane. We tried to hire a car and take the 5 hours drive down the coast, past Kuala Lumpur to Melaka. However, the cost was fairly similar and, oddly, we struggled to get a hire company to commit to taking any money off us, so we booked a flight.



In a similar vein to George Town there is quite a large colonial influence from both east and western cultures, another boiling pot of all things amazing! Baba Nyonya food is celebrated here more than in George Town. Nyonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community. If you haven’t tried any of this cuisine before, look it up and give it a go?

The first place we tried served up some truly amazing Baba Nyonya food we all enjoyed, even Kit! The waitress in there was lovely and was more than happy to explain all the dishes and engage with the boys.

In the evening we took a stroll out in the night markets of Jonkers Street, and tried some of the street food offerings. Sweet Chicken buns, delicious!





We took a much smoother ferry through to Langkawi this time, it even supplied some films which kept the boys happy. As we boarded our passports were removed with advice they would be handed back onboard the ship. An unnerving experience for anyone to go through. As promised, they were returned in a slightly lax way. Guy with a massive, and i mean MASSIVE! stack of passports, walking up and down the boat just picking anyone out, inviting them to look through the stack! All the people on the boat turned into dogs waiting patiently for the promised biscuit, never taking an eye off the biscuit, until its rewarded.. Phew! we got them back!


Once on the island, we made our way to the Gecko Guesthouse situated back from the beach. It was a fairly chilled affair, quite backpackery, with lots of cats and chickens living in perfect harmony together, I know, we never thought it was possible either!

We made a concerted effort to get the kids back into the normal learning routine here so never really did much apart from learning, beach and eating. Langkawi isn’t really a budget destination and everything is at a premium.. budget is a budget!

we did find some great places to eat and watch sunsets which was great. They had ace music and cold beers, what more can you ask for?

Khlong Chak Waterfall Hike – Koh Lanta

What a way to spend New Years Eve. Nick and i hired a couple of mopeds and took the boys up to a National Reserve on Koh Lanta. After a short ride through the island we parked up and began our ascent up to the top. It’s about a 2 Km hike through streams and jungle, so great adventure for us.

On the way up the kids spotted all kinds of wildlife including, Elephants, lizards and recognising the Gibbon calls in the jungle. Near the top we stopped at a cave to have a look around. Unusually it was V hot in this cave, although still ok for some tiny bats to have a nap in

Can you notice what look like scaffold poles poking through the stalactites. Well, these are actually the roots of a strangler fig (I think).

A little further up the mountain we reached the Waterfall, which is seasonal, and had a splash around to cool off before heading back

As we meandered back down through the jungle we came across this beastie. A MONITOR LIZARD! I have never seen one in the wild before so was a real treat!