Ubud Food Capital of Bali

Landed in the centre of Ubud and amazed at how, well, western it is. Known as the food capital of Bali and sporting endless streets of world and local food. We have not seen street food here yet which is disappointing, certainly for me as I like to sample these wherever we go.

Needless to say the standard of food is excellent and we haven’t been disappointed yet. Kit has, but then he is generally disappointed with food that is not at least 80% sugar 🙂




We took a much smoother ferry through to Langkawi this time, it even supplied some films which kept the boys happy. As we boarded our passports were removed with advice they would be handed back onboard the ship. An unnerving experience for anyone to go through. As promised, they were returned in a slightly lax way. Guy with a massive, and i mean MASSIVE! stack of passports, walking up and down the boat just picking anyone out, inviting them to look through the stack! All the people on the boat turned into dogs waiting patiently for the promised biscuit, never taking an eye off the biscuit, until its rewarded.. Phew! we got them back!


Once on the island, we made our way to the Gecko Guesthouse situated back from the beach. It was a fairly chilled affair, quite backpackery, with lots of cats and chickens living in perfect harmony together, I know, we never thought it was possible either!

We made a concerted effort to get the kids back into the normal learning routine here so never really did much apart from learning, beach and eating. Langkawi isn’t really a budget destination and everything is at a premium.. budget is a budget!

we did find some great places to eat and watch sunsets which was great. They had ace music and cold beers, what more can you ask for?