A trip to an Ostrich Ranch, wasnt ever so happy about sitting on the Ostrich after we found out how they were restrained. However, the kids learned quite a lot about the history of Ostrich’s in Africa, how they were hunted and some of the uses for the egg shells

2 thoughts on “Ostrich Ranch

    1. The animals are guided into a stall and a bar placed behind the legs. I wasn’t 100% comfortable with it but i can assure you that it was a painless experience for the animal. Jago only hovered above. I can imagine if you get a larger person who wants to rodeo for the camera, I could be quite harrowing for the animal.

      There are many medicinal and commercial uses for the eggshells. For example, drinking vessel or flask, jewellery, decoration. Also used in Kgaba (Traditional Medicine) for inducing labour, nonsense of course.


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