It’s just a fart

We are having a lazy day, as the weather is poo, and we have to pack to move on tomorrow. All of a sudden, Jago starts to complain about stomach pains. These get progressively worse in quite a short space of time reducing him to tears. I ask him to tell me on a scale of 1-10 how much pain he is in, he replies “10! 10!” We quickly get on the phone, and find the AE in Cape Town, as we think it may be a suspected appendicitis. I carry him to the car in agony, and we all set off travel insurance and a pile of cash in hand, prepared for the worse. As we approach the car park, the tears have stopped and Jagos face has returned to normal, again, i ask him to provide the pain scale, he replies, “0”, I say “do you think it might have been a trapped fart?”, he replies “probably, i feel so much better”…

My heart rate returns to its pre 4pm state and we all go home, stopping off to buy wine to wash away the trauma that quickly escalated from a fart. Until now i have maintained my stance that no matter how old you get, farts will always be funny, i reserve the right to change my mind, like right now..

Disaster dry run 1, complete.


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