Over the last week we have been passing though and stopping off at a few areas as we move from the Western to the Eastern Cape. We started by stopping off in Mossel Bay just for one night, but the boys and i still managed a beach visit where we spotted a Whale playing just beyond the surf. Magic!


Then, it was on to Knysna where stopped for lunch before heading to Plettenberg for a few days. Would definitely spend more time in Knysna if we came again as what little we saw of it, looked lovely.

Plettenberg was warm with great beaches, lots of people surfing and some of the best seafood so far. Highly recommended.

Next it was on to Cape St Francis for an evening. Founded in 1959, St Francis reminds me of a cross between a golf resort and the North Norfolk coast. Lots of boating types floating up to the back of their houses via the canal system. It boasts 2 of the countries finest golf courses, and all the houses are thatched. We walked to a local restaurant and saw a harvest moon on the way back. I did take a picture with my iPhone. However, it looks like it photographed the bathroom light so i won’t offend you eyes by putting it up on here.

We are now down at Kenton on Sea for more beaches and a huge game reserve.

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