No had a chance to post about the unbelievably superb safari we went on yesterday as need time to sort photos etc. In the meantime..

We set off to Morgan’s Bay today. The usual military operation of coffee, packing, shower, homework, packing, breakfast packing. Clean up, sweep the area for stragglers and off we go.

The road from Kenton on Sea to Morgan’s Bay is under quite a bit of repair and I think widening work right now so it’s pretty slow, bumpy and no overtaking for quite a stretch of it (ahem Tanya).

After about 2 hours driving on this, we get a text from the Air BNB in Kenton advising us that we had left a large bag of washing there! If it was just a few pairs of pant then, meh, but we haven’t found a laundry for 6 days so quite a lot of clothes in there between the 4 of us. We discussed a courier, but couldn’t guarantee times or places and we are moving around the next week to India.

You guessed it, back we go along the shity roadworks, where, I might add, there was actually little or no work going on. Pff!!

Eventually arrived at the backpackers to be greeted by our lovely host and her 3 dogs and 4 cats. Lovely setting. Beach tomorrow

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