sibuya-795938635.jpgSituated on the sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape, the Sibuya Reserve is bay far the best trip we have gone on todate. Sibuya means, ‘they will rise again’ this name was given to the reserve as previously all farm land in days past, lovingly restored back to its former glory, incorporating many protected species and more hectares that i care to mention. The animals are essentially free to come and go as they please and the knowledge and conservation work ongoing there is truly amazing. I can recommend going or just reading a little more about them in the link.

Fact: A tortoise pissed on me (not really, it released its water sack)

Fact: Termite mounds are incredibly strong structures, which gives you some idea how hard an aardvark can strike and bust one open.

I will leave you with a favorite tale and some pics

Our guide advised us that Poaching is still an issue in Africa and round the clock guards are on hand to limit the risk. However, apparently one morning when the rangers were looking in on the lions they noticed some unusual items near the pride. These included: clothes, a gun, wire cutters, shoes. A poacher had got in to steel Rhino horn but was tracked, killed and eaten by a lioness, subsequently she was renamed Karma.

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