Kochi -Alleppey

Been a few days off the blog, sorry!

I have been to India before, albeit 13 years ago. Yet, my practical side still wonders, as it did back then, how the f**k this place functions! Nothing really gells together, like the society we know and love, and nothing is quite finished. However, it just works. Shops, brands and products seem to blend in to one, almost as if the next door shop owner (Chemist) has seen his fellow neighbour (Cafe) have a particularly successful day selling nappies and decided that, he to will sell some nappies, right next to the crisps? broadening the shopping experience for all, and seizing opportunity. I’m hoping it will make more sense,the longer we spend here.

We spent a few days in Fort Kochi (Cochin) exploring local history and beaches. Let’s start with the local history.  The history of Kochi prior to the Portuguese is not well documented. Kochi’s prominence as a trading port grew after the collapse (Due to a natural disaster of flood or earthquake) of the port at Kodungallur in 1341 AD. if you want any more stuff, Wikipedia knows more than anyone on the planet, especially me. Before the British Empire (Raj), eventually!! got to Kochi (Cochin), it was known to the Yavanas (Greeks and Romans), Jews, Arabs and Chinese since ancient times. So in essence we turned up to ruin the party, again!

On the last night in Kochi, we experienced a massive thunderstorm, Which, in the end, saw us change rooms in the Home Stay we were in. Sounds inconvenient. However, the boys were massively excited by the whole 35mm of rain and floodlite skies!

The next day we caught a train from Kochi – Alleppey, and unfortunately, Tan left her specially purchased stay cool water bottle on the train.. Booooo. On the upside, i got to spend the whole journey listening to music, someones a winner at least.

Arrived at Johnsons Home Stay. The owner is very pleasant, locally popular and speaks great English. This works. However, the place is a little basic with psychedelic sheets, arse washing wall taps, 3 dogs and a horse.. A HORSE! Normals. Lovely, lovely people though. At breakfast today i was presented with a menu upon which tiny ants were crawling over. This doesn’t particularly bother me. I keep this information from T as shes already getting the cleanliness fear, can’t blame her really.

Went to Marari Beach Yesterday, which was lovely compared to some of the city (Kochi, Cherai) beaches. These are unfortunately covered in plastic and sewage. The Boys and i did brave these beaches for a short time, but it was more of a lesson in planet healthcare than sand and sea fun, which we did get from Marari.

Side Note that nobody wants to talk about: My view on planet healthcare is that kids need to be exposed to the damage that the human race is doing to the planet, what the causes are, Population control, Carbon Emissions and so on, and to speak about solutions. Kids will understand, they are not stupid. If you shield your kids from the potential dystopian future they are heading for, you are extremely irresponsible, and are not equipping your offspring with the necessary tools to make amends, you are almost saying “i have enjoyed the planet, good luck” EDUCATE THEM and lead by example.   

End of Sermon!

Now, I am by no means a massive bozzer, but finding a beer in a predominantly muslim communist region is tricky to say the least. Kerala has strict rules around licencing and therefore its thin on the ground. Im bound to mention this again as we move through the country as, contrary to an earlier sentence, i am actually a massive boozer… Sometimes.

Boat trip next!!!!

One thought on “Kochi -Alleppey

  1. Very good on the showing the kids the beautiful and the not so beautiful – the plastic pollution. Hope you find a beer at some point!


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