Some Kerala facts

The state is communist

Kerala was the first Indian state to appoint a women police officer in 1939

Kerala was the first state to have an all female police station.

Kerala, banned alcohol in 2014. Having released its grip on prohibition in 2017, to a very limited number of outlets, is moving towards full prohibition again by 2024 having once, some time ago, been the worst state in India for alcohol. With a whopping 8.4lt per year consumed per person. Yes people, per year, not per weekend.

2 thoughts on “Factoid

  1. With regards to the communist bit, we were having a discussion only last week about communism and Hinduism and how they work together, if indeed they can and do. Main tenant of communism being equality to all etc. Main tenant of Hinduism bring the very unequal caste system. This discussion came about when we were in Nepal, who have, I believe, the only democratically elected communist government on the planet.


    1. Yeah it’s an interesting question. Kerala is mainly Hindu but there are quite a lot of Muslims too. There didn’t appear to be any homelessness, but at the same time limited wealth spots and a more balanced existence. The Caste system was not apparent, certainly not as much as in the Raj.


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