Up early yesterday and off to spend a day night upon a houseboat cruising around the backwaters of Kerala. The boat boasted a newly decorated interior, and i think we may have been amongst the first few to use to since. There were 2 guys onboard one of which was an ace chef, both really nice chaps.

Lots to see on the canals and rivers and a lot more human habitation than i expected. Cruising down the rivers and canals was a peaceful picturesque experience. Teaming with wildlife, most interesting of all were quite large bats, i think they were The Indian flying fox (Pteropus giganteus), or Fruit Bat. Although Kerala has 33 types of bat so could be wrong. Wonderful sunsets too, although my iPhone is not cutting the mustard and the next opportunity i get will be upgrading the snap equipment.

At night as we bed down i was happily reading when the kids came into the room advising, again, that they were unable to sleep. I’m used to being evicted now, and it comes with its perks like, uninterrupted sleep, no boney elbows, no early wake ups etc. Then came a MASSIVE thunderstorm.. BOOM!! BOOM! ta reminder that i’m not allowed to fully enjoy myself in a room, by myself :(.

The next morning we were served with delicious rice pancakes with banana, coconut and cumin seeds, and Jago got to have a go at steering the boat, which he loved.


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