First day in Kollam treated to a coconut harvest at the villa. Jago loved it, Kit not so sure.

Tuk Tuk day out seeing the sights of Kollam with our most knowledgeable host Sudhi. The Trikadavoor Mahadeva Temple. The was a magnificent but very sad looking Indian Elephant out the back, i dont think its the same one that went on the rampage at a festival in Jan this year, but he certainly looked up for it. Both the boys have said they want to see Elephants in the wild not tied up or in a cage.

Next door to the temple was a girls dance school we visited and were treated to a very elaborate dance from the girls. They were all quite giddy at the sight of foreigners, the dancing was truly amasing. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to take pictures, although in hindsight, if id have asked, im sure they would have been ok with it. A memory without pictures!

Next it was over to an old, working, lighthouse next to the old Portuguese Fort ruins, stunning views across colourful Kollam.



Later on we were treated to some British Empire beer, which, like the real British Empire, left a sour taste in the mouth of a foreigner. I can only imagine it tastes similar to the World Pickled Egg and Whelk eating champion’ colostomy bag that has been left out in the sun for a couple of days. Mmmm.

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