Cool Kerala Facts

I’m learning more about Kerala everyday, and it’s a pretty progressive area of India despite what we may think about the rule of communism.

Healthcare is free at the point of use, and the hospital will even shout you a taxi home after you have given birth.

Education here is high and every child goes to school to be educated to the highest standards in India. Not just this but in the last 20 years women have overtaken men in the top jobs of Kerala, and now its a mainly female run companies in some professions, which i think is amasing.

Even more reassuring that this is the fact that Kerala’s Hindu population understands the current impact that overpopulation is having on our environment and therefore a lot of households are sticking to 1 or 2 offspring. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the Muslim community as this understanding of birth control does not comply with scripture. By no means is this an isolated religion who thinks this way… Sing it with me “every sperm is sacred”. How do we change this before it is too late? answers in the comments section.

People here do not care for politics and are by no means stupid. No political party stays in for longer than one term as people do not vote based on historical beliefs. Everyone should take note.

The Kerala Military

Or Fishermen as they are better known as here, came to the rescue of everyone during the floods. Not instructed by the government, but off the back of their own volition and community spirit. In the media we heard of 200 people losing their lives to the floods. If the Fishermen had not grouped together using facebook as a communications hub between each other the number would have been in the thousands! They are now, deservedly referred to as, HERO’s, and the Military of Kerala. Love it!

4 thoughts on “Cool Kerala Facts

    1. It is. My only guess is that the Hindu way of life is one of positivity not negativity, they don’t care about money and are heavily community based individuals who help each other. The West is a money driven, every MAN for himself society. At a guess


    2. Nice font. can one comment on every blog post? You might want to contact some travel blogs and see if they’ll accept your guest posts with a link back to this. they probably will. You lot are in India. I’m in Plymouth 😦


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