Todays education was administered whilst being punted around the Munroe Islands by a very happy and knowledgeable young chap, with a great sense of humour. We were fortunate enough to be with two friends we met at the Ashtamudi Villas (Will & Emma), lovely people, really enjoyed their company. Will hook up with them for some surfing action tomorrow in Varkala, they head off today.

The Munroe Islands are a rich paradise of wildlife and vegetation, much less populated than the Alleppey backwaters, and  a lot more peaceful.

Our guide was keen to point out the variety of familiar wildlife plants and trees they have in the area, so here are a few of them, or at least as many as I can remember.

Vegetation Observed
Cashew Trees
Papaya Trees
Tamarind Trees
Banana Trees
Coconut Trees
Almond Trees
Tapioca Tree (as in the horrendous stuff served up in a 70’s school)
Tiger Prawn Farm

Wildlife Observed

And breath….. that’s a lot right?

We stopped of at an area where locals make rope out of Coconut hair which is sold across the region and funded by government. Everything is carried out by hand and the incredibly skilful ladies can produce 300 ropes in a day.

On the way home, by way of coincidental proof of concept. We saw a Tuk Tuk with a massive concrete post on top of it being held fast with Coconut rope. If anything was going to give first it would have been the Tuk Tuk. Similar to that episode of only fools where the Reliant Regal takes a corner to fast, only to end up on its side, but with seriously injured people.


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