Our last day in Varkala today. It has been a pretty relaxing time here. Lying in late, and just generally being hot and lazy. Really quite nice. Every day walking up the beach to the cliff top restaurants and shops to sit and watch the sunsets, and maybe drink a beer from a bottle with a paper wrapped around it (prohibition is soooo classy)

The guy who owns the guest house is running around like someone without a plan, as he drives forward renovations/extensions of the property, building a pool and a new restaurant. When we arrived he informed us that, until the restaurant is built he has a top-notch chef on site that he is paying not to lose, so, we should make best use of him. The guy is from Kerala and does not know what a Kerala pancake is! (coconut rice pancake with banana and cumin/fennel seeds) he also walks away before you have finished ordering, and has a limited knowledge of basic cooking. My best guess is that he will be immediately found out once the kitchen is required to pump out edible food, and fired into the sun using the force from 1000 negative Tripadvisor reviews. We have skipped breakfast a couple of times, only to be collared by him on the way out asking if there is something wrong with the food. “of course not” we said. I’m In 2 minds whether or not to provide our view to the owner as he seems like a really nice guy.

Varkala is more tourist driven than most of the other places we have been so far, and there are a lot more westerners here mostly French and German.

We have found some of the best food here and poor of Kit has been in his element since we found a restaurant that does Lasagne almost as good as both his Grandma’ (not quite if you are reading). We are determined to shake the foodie out of him while away so stay tuned for experiments.

The surf here is also pretty good, although not had a chance to give it a go due to extreme laziness 🙂 There will be other opportunities im sure.


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