Took a sleeper from Trivandrum to Madurai. The train was expected to leave at 10:30 pm so using our experience from the last 2 trains, we arrived just 30 mins before as, obviously, Indian trains are notoriously late. However, on this occasion the 10:30 pm train had long since arrived and was now scheduled to leave at 10pm, giving us approximately 5 mins to get on it!!! We legged it down the platform and just made it on before it started pulling out of the station. Phew!

The sleepers in India are great and always best to book the best carriage you can with AC. These come equipped with sheets and power sockets etc so you can relax and enjoy your media in peace.

The boys thought this was super cool and spent most of the time before we went to sleep, clambering around the cabin from bunk to bunk and giggling, play fighting (standard).

The morning views were a little obscured by the window scum, but this was easily rectified by simply hanging out of the train doors all of which are just left open the whole journey. I am pretty sure my Dad would love it here, there is absolutely no H&S whatsoever. If you can do it quick and cheap, do it! trying not to get killed or seriously injured in the process is your responsibility. This must be why no 2 jobs look the same here.

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