Mobile and WiFi – India

If like me, you are person who likes to be connected to the intersphere, it’s probably handy to know some options and availability before you get here.

Most of the places now have WiFi, which is good to know. However most of the connections we have come across have been slow, sometimes rendering them unusable, still they are there to use for free in an emergency.

It’s not all bad as India’s mobile networks are plenty and going through a bit of a revolution right now looking to increase accessibility and cost across networks. all the networks are here.

However, 3 key ones have been a regular high street feature and they are

Airtel, Voda/Idea and Jio.

I went for Airtel and have to say for the cost, it is an unbelievably great service. Its available from many outlets and be sure to take your passport/drivers license and 2 passport photos with you in order to purchase

For just £7 you get unlimited calls and texts + 1.4G of data per day for 82 days. if you run out you can add 3G per day for 7 days for another £2. another 6G per day is £1. I think i have spent around £15 over the last 3 weeks, and that’s with the family tethering and having the ability to be connected wherever we are. it’s pretty impressive.


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