Made our way from Madurai to Kodaikanal today. The route took us just over 3 hours and lifted us to an elevation of 2100m south of the Palani Hills. What beautiful scenery and wildlife up a very windy road that I would loved to have ridden a bike up it. We stopped off at a viewpoint to look 20 km across the valley at a Thalaiyar waterfall from which the water drop 297m, quite breathtaking. You can just see it as a tin line in middle of this shot (I did try to purchase a new camera, but failed. India etc.)


As we moved up the mountain, the climate softened from arid Madurai to a more pleasant, cooler environment. If I am honest, I didn’t think I would see my hoodie again for quite some time, but hey.


IMG_0210The taxi driver, as lovely as he was, stopping to show us the odd view or wildlife along the way, did not suddenly become a careful driver, just because the roads had narrowed  to suddenly skirting cliff edges. No, he continued to play chicken on every blind corner. When asked to slow down he proclaimed “IS INDIAN DRIVING”, smiling of course. This partially dissolved the ability to immerse yourself in the scenery, as I needed to take a sharp intake of air through gritted teeth every 5 seconds. Also, Jago felt really sick, which, is a bit of a role reversal as its normally Kit. Although it was also too much for him and he too was retching the top)

Kodaikanal Information


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