We stayed in beautiful Kodaikanal for 3 nights. However, weren’t able to fully appreciate it as 50% of us were struggling with waste management issues.  we did manage to wander around the town and a few restaurants (not sure who the offender was) We would have liked to entered some of the waterfalls but was informed that there is drainage upstream so not to bother, just as well, we were in no fit state to be more than a short fast walk from a facility. Suffice to say the town is located in the most beautiful scenery.

Land of Chocolate

Kerala is India’s largest cocoa producer followed by Karnataka.  Kodaikanal depended on these regions to make homemade Chocolate. There are many shops in kodaikanal, even the local chemist is chocolatier. The quality is not to bad either. Before we got here, chocolate has been in short supply, or out of date with dust on. Most probably because its been very hot.

Why is there so much Chocolate in Kodaikanal?

The people in the Kodaikanal are Obsessed with Homemade Chocolates. If you make good chocolate, you can sell them for a good price. Locals can earn double monthly salary, just by selling chocolates. As Kodai is a big honeymoon destination, tourism is high, although not right now as is low season, thankfully.


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