After calling the shop owner at 9:30 this morning, I went to collect the camera from his shop in town. Of course when i got there, the shop was locked. He was late,Not to worry, now that i have a little time to kill, i might get a coffee. Glancing across the street, i saw this venue. A traditional Indian Coffee house.. I will give it a go. You should know that, amongst my immediate family, I am the only advocate of curry for breakfast (I know, shocking eh)


Inside it was, as you can imagine fairly basic, and quite busy. I walked in and the guy at the front door grunted and pointed to the back of the restaurant. I promptly walked to the back with the best smile i can break. 2 windows, a door, 3 signs and a rather mouth-watering menu drew closer. Despite the signs being in Malayalam and English, none of them made any sense aside from the menu, and it was difficult to work out a number of basics.

  1. where to order
  2. who does what
  3. how to order

Fundamentally, these are the entrance pillars of any food establishment surely?

Confused, I turned on the old english charm “Hi”, Excuse me”, *smiles*, *nods*, *hold a hand up*. Nothing! I tried to grab one of the many people who appeared to work there to no avail, they just walked past. Now i want the food even more!

Out of the corner of my eye, I can spot the camera guy running into his shop with a box. Shamefully, I abandon the tasty breakfast mission in favour of a shiny new camera.

This has never happened to me before, therefore, I will be upping my game to avoid next time. I’m sure if the camera wasn’t waiting i would have eventually got on it. Bizarre experience.



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