I have always assumed that there are no rules on 9157310802_38e15c21f7_bIndian roads, as it is so chaotic to us that i never thought to ask, until now. Amidst all the random, honking, speeding up, slowing down, flashing lights, undertaking. There are some basic rules which apply, apparently.

The reason we see the ‘Sound Horn’ signs all over vehicles, is becauses it is government legislation that you must sound the horn on approach to other vehicles. There are also different types of horn sounding for different maneuvers.

1024px-Compulsory_sound_horn_sign_(India).svg.pngshort bibbs, long horn, long then short. They mean either, I am here, move over, im going round the outside or I’m going on the inside. If a driver flashes someone coming in the other direction, this means they will be coming through and will just take whatever route they can find. I think that’s it! To the untrained ear (my ear) it makes absolutely no sense, and whatever any of that means does not install confidence and I still wince every time we approach a vehicle. However, to the Indian community, it makes sense and absolutely no one is fazed by the driving of others, it’s just accepted.