I have to say, i am a tad emotional. India has been a wonderful experience in so many ways. It’s been amazing to spend Diwali here and get to know so many lovely locals, sample the fine foods (and some not so fine) and just enjoy what India has to offer. The boys have enjoyed all the attention from just about everyone asking their names are and where they come from, it was reminiscent of the 90’s rave scene (if you know, you know)

Yes, it’s a little rough around the edges, and some attractions have fallen into a neglected state. or is it just faded charm? The people here are working towards improving things at their own pace, on services that we take for granted in the UK. Areas such as recycling, waste management, street cleaning, littering & pollution. I believe if someone could convince the Indian population of the damage being done to the environment from these issues. And that there could be gold in recycling or alternative ways other than plastic. We would probably see them come a long way in a short period of time. The Indian population as a whole are just the BEST kind of humans.


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