Took a taxi from the beach round to Matara. Then a train from there to Kandy. It was the difference between a £100 taxi or an £8 train journey. You do the math.

The train took to the coast all the way back up to Colombo and then headed inland towards Kandy.  It was fairly pleasant all the way until we hit Colombo, at this time was about 5:30pm on a Friday. We didn’t really think about it at the time, but the train filled up with weary commuters who had been hived in at a desk all week, and wanted to get home for the weekend, i know this from chatting to a few of the guys who got on the train.

So, the train is packed, it’s getting dark, then. Thunderstorm of epic proportions sparks up. Kit and I were watching in awe as the orange sky slowly turns black convulsing white every few seconds, really cool. the image directly below was taken at night in the pitch black, it’s the best i have to offer for now, at least until i have worked out a convoluted way of capturing lightning forks on a point and shoot 🙂 Solutions in the comments please.


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