The place I most wanted to see on Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The setting of the 80’s classic, Save a Prayer by the new romantic teen idols, Duran Duran.

Got up super early to be greeted by the worst driver in Sri Lanka. This combined with Kit having yoghurt for breakfast, only led to the inevitable quick draw of the sick bags (thankyou Srilankan Air).

Puke stop over, we continued on our journey.

When we reached the fortress, we had a bite to eat from the pack our lovely hosts had made up for us that morning, then started our ascent. Firstly through the many terraced gardens that lead up to the rock, all of which must have been truly wonderful to walk through at the time. At the foot of the rock, you get a true sense of the scale of this project and what the people who built and maintained it must have gone through at the time. Walking around it on very secure steel steps was enough to trigger sphincter spasms, let alone balancing hundreds of feet up on rickety bamboo ladders. Hats off. Imagine getting to the top and realising you’d forgotten the milk!

On the way back down the heavens opened and we got absolutely soaked to the skin, as did everyone else up there.


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