Said farewell to Sri Lanka and took a 4 hour flight to Bangkok today. It was a welcome sight to be amongst some order and no one peeping horns 24/7. Both T and I have visited Bangkok in the past couple of decades, and have to say it has changed quite a bit in this time.

We stayed on the Phra Sumen Rd, which is not far from Koh San Rd where all the Gap Yah tits and hippies hang out. There has been quite a bit of gentrification around central Bangkok and it doesn’t feel as gritty as it used to, but we all still enjoyed our stay there.

We took the boys to the wonderfully serene and manicured Grand Palace. I tried to get in wearing a sarong, but they have stopped that now and you have to wear trousers, not having any on me, i ended up purchasing a hideous pair at the gate, i assumed they would automatically furnish me with the ability to juggle fire.. Still waiting


Anyway, the place was crawling with tourists, making it rather a noisy experience. On top of that the boys whinged non stop all the way round saying “WORST DAY EVER!” Kit even made a diary entry to commemorate how excited he was. Mum had to add a few amendment details that he forgot to add


We found a few great places to eat and hang out. One in particular was The Family An american guy and his Thai wife run it. Very chilled, the food is amazing and cheap. There are also quite a few cats for you to pet, 18 to be exact. If you try it out go for the Hot & Sour Seafood Soup, delicious.

We also ended our 3 month friend famine as Sara Jones joined us from Laos for the day, great to catch up!



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