A Jungle Blog by Jago Parkinson Age 10

We have just driven 4 hours from Chumphon into the Khao Sok National Reserve jungle,to stay in our treehouse Our Jungle House for a few days. We booked some trips to go on whilst we are in the jungle ,and I am going to talk to you about them.

Day 1

We took a Boat on the lake with a few other people and a guide named Nin, he was very friendly. The boat trip was very long there and back, and we went on a hike in the jungle we saw a trapdoor spiders home and it looked very creative. img_2418After that we saw a little snake that was pink. As we were walking on, we heard some cicadas. Cicadas make a sound like a boiling kettle whistle. After that we kept walking through the jungle, and as we got to the other side we went on these bamboo rafts, which took us to a cave that has a lot of interestingly shaped stalactites and stalagmites, also a family of bats.

Then we went back through the jungle. Along the way we saw a toxic snake. You can tell from the red tail, it is toxic.

org_dsc02179We took the boat back to a floating lodge, where you could stay over night, but we went for lunch. After lunch we had 2 hour free time, and what we did was swimming and jumping with life jackets because the water was very deep. org_dsc02186

After that we went back on org_dsc02159the boat to the harbour but whilst we were going back to the harbour it started to rain so everyone got wet but me and my brother didn’t because we had towels around us. We saw some mountains in the middle of the lake, cool. When we got back to the harbour it stopped raining.

Day 2

Today we Trekked through the jungle we got there in an open pick up truck it was very “creepy crawly town” when we got there and there and were a load



of spiders, really big ones. There was one spider called a Buffalo Spider because it had horns like a buffalo on top of the spiders head. The worst thing that we saw were leeches, my mum got destroyed by leeches and my dad only got bit by one once. My brother and I didn’t get bitten once! :). We saw a beautiful waterfall and we also saw monkey love, if you know what I mean ;).

Day 3

This time we are going to wash some elephants but it didn’t turn out as I thought it would be we got there in a pick up truck and when we got there were floating turds and a man was picking the turds by hand and throwing it into a big heap of Elephant poop collected previously from when other people who have been to wash the Elephants. The skin of the Elephants felt really hard when you stroke it. It felt like a rough table and in the turd pool we splashed mud all over them. In the second pool it was much cleaner than the first pool and we started to wash the mud off the Elephants and they looked much cleaner. We then walked them back to the feed station, and then we feed them again.


Jago Parkinson – Age 10

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