We set out to Koh Lipe yesterday, at high speed in slightly choppy weather. If you’ve ever been in a speedboat, you will be aware that at speed, across waves, they are quite unforgiving. We got slammed around for 2:30.. OOoff! Luckily we had just waved goodbye to dear family and friends, so were equipped with a fresh batch of sick bags for the wee man, who obvs, threw up! Note to self: Look up world record for throwing up in airline sick bags.

Koh Lipe is one of the nearly unspoiled islands of Thailand. Golden beaches, crystal clear water and lots of diving to be experienced. It also has some great restaurants on it too.


As soon as we arrived, at our wicker beach hut. We were advised that the biggest storm in a generation was about to hit the other side of the mainland and carve across Lipe through Phuket, and we should stock up on supplies.



This is the storm passing through Thailand, and we are near the 2 little dots up from the bottom centre of the image, looks like it’s going to miss us, but we may get some rain? who knows? Certainly not the media that’s for sure! if we’d listen to them, it’s a case of put you head between your legs, and kiss your… you know the rest! Needless to say most of the hype never bothered anyone here. I have been lazing in a hammock all afternoon, reading. Apols if you’ve just gone back to work…

I’m pleased to announce that normal service will now be resumed after lazily applying Instagram to fill in the pictorial blog blanks for me whilst I got merry with friends and family. Cheap labour!


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