We took the best coach ever from Melaka to Singapore, I mean UBER cool. HUGE, very wide, reclining seats, it was a nice welcomed sprinkle of luxury (from the 80’s).


We we arrived late to our Hotel, and started to contact people. We soon discovered our hotel is smack bang in the middle of the Red Light area, nice! This didn’t make any difference, the place was most functional, cheap and clean. I think this view may well have been historical, as we saw nothing dodgy.

The next day we headed out for breakfast, then made our way over to Sentosa to see Emily and Dermot, (along with Toffee the dog and 6 cats of course). They have a wonderful flat with tropical island views and storms thrown in now and again. We have not seen these guys since they moved out 5 years ago, so lots of catching up, which is normally  accompanied by wine, and more wine, and some more wine! it just kept flowing. Cutting to the chase, I ended up a little worse for wear, losing a sandal in the process. I think i threw it at Dermot, as you do to fabulous hosts. Oh the shame.. Great to see them though, good fun.

The next day we got up handy and headed out to the Gardens by the Bay. A beautifully manicured botanical garden in the middle of Singapore, with something for everyone. We spent most of the day there, a highly recommended trip if you are ever there.

Later on we met up with Chris, Sarah, and dusty the dog for a catch up and food. Just a short walk from their place is a Hawker Centre. Its a massive food hall with virtually everything you can think of to eat, all good. A busy 2 days!


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