Hooray! more family to see and catch up with..

Having been to HK previously in 2015, we already had a list of experiences that we really enjoyed and knew the kids would too. The key ones were mainly food but there are some great things to do on the island that appeal to all.

Poor Tammy was not feeling to good so unfortunately didn’t make it into any of the pics early on in our visit. She will make a comeback shortly!. In the meantime, have some super hero chaos! Mental!


On the first day we decided to take the boys to the Zoo and Botanical gardens. A great space for them to run around and have fun. We paired them up, as the twins are still quite young and can easily become distracted (usually be each other) and run off. The buddy system worked well, and we never lost anyone. Phew!


Since we last visited HK, ATO&R have moved to a different apartment which is really cool, and within a few mins to the vibe of the city. In keeping with the way HK likes to be unique (which can be seen from the skyscrapers built on a postage stamp) just near the entrance to their apartment, is an escalator that goes all the way down the mountain, and deposits you smack bang in the middle of the action. Very convenient indeed. After a quick game of footy on what felt like the highest sports pitch in the world, (it was a workout just to get to it). We ventured down the escalator for a nice coffee and game of thumb war. Spotted along the way was a great example of a Chinese printing error on Alexander Terrace.


After a few days staying in the wonderful mountainside apartment, we decided that as there are 4 of us, we should really Air BNB so as to not overstay our welcome and also so we can see a different side of HK. If you don’t already know, HK is similarly priced to London. This goes for almost everything except taxi’s, which are very cheap, odly. £80 per night gets you the not so nice apartment, that I am guessing, is regularly used as a red light rendezvous point for multi person enjoyment.


4 double beds, 1 mug, 1 glass, a shower that can be used while brushing your teeth at the sink! 4 desks, 8 locks and bolts (necessary), and some cannabis artwork = Questionable! Anyway, we stayed there for 2 nights. After much complaining, complementing and crying with a little begging, the very kind Warrs accepted us back. Actually, they wondered WTAF we were doing leaving in the first place. I explained, we are idiots, Obvs! It was nice to be back.

We also had the pleasure of the facilities up at the Hong Kong Cricket club. A really great multisport facility with great food and space for the kids to run around and some amazing views.


A recommended trip up the peak on a great sunny day was what the doctor ordered next. Water? Check, Trainers? check Camera? check, children? 1.2.3, yeah there’s enough :). Off we go!


We all made it safely to the top, with a few water stops. All the boys were awesome, limited complaining. Rewarded with lunch and ice cream at the top.

That evening we had booked onto the Aqua Luna Junk Boat trip to see the building illuminations. We all loved it and got some amazing photos.


We took a stroll around PMQ’s the very next day, popped in to the super cool #soulartshop and went for a fabulous Indian lunch.


Finally the culinary icing on the cake, so to speak was a trip to Repulse Bay and Limewood Restaurant. Some of the finest food in HK can be found here, and we weren’t disappointed. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day which, was topped of with some New Year Lion Dancing.. Impressive stuff.




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