Landed in Perth 2 weeks ago, quite early in the morning. Hired a car and made our way to see Jane TJ & Olly. Wonderful to see this lovely bunch and catch up over the next 2 weeks.

As the girls haven’t seen each other for quite some time, Tj and I decided to give them some time to catch up. Fortunately, there was a very pressing, professional bowls game taking place that evening. Tj always attends and plays on a Tuesday. The winners are the team that comes last. I may be able to help with this. We had a few beers and met some great people.


Tracey and the Girls turned up on the 13th and we went over to Fremantle for a catch up. Amazing to see them all and Wilky (after quite a lot of years). We headed on out to the Marina for a spot of lunch, then wandered back for chat and wine. Note: Wine is a commonly occurring theme throughout the next few posts.

The following weekend Jane and Tj invited us out on to their boat for the weekend. We set out early, collected the dinghy, kayaks and some supplies and headed down to the river. The boat is an old party boat that Tj and Mike restored. When they bought it, the boat was covered in Pelican mess and created quite a whiff! When they cleaned it up, the house owners situated next to the mooring were delighted to have their nasal disappointment curtailed.

Off we go! we chugged down the river to Elizabeth Quay where we stopped for spot of lunch and let the boys have a play around on the newly created Quay.

After lunch we set off round to Bicton to pick up Tracey, Wilky and my lovely nieces. Collected them all in the dinghy and went back to the boat for BBQ, music, chat and drinks. Such a great day and the weather was amazing Note: Amazing weather is also a frequently occurring theme throughout the next few posts.

In the evening we all went ashore for an Aboriginal concert put on by the charity that Jane works for. There were around 5000 attendees, and several big country music acts.

We sampled the beaches in Fremantle with big sis and the girls. Fremantle is a wonderful place that we never saw enough of, may have to come back soon!

I even made contact with an old work buddy Dave who now live here in Perth, really great to see him for a few hours and meet his family.


We need some more time in Perth, as there is a lot to see and oddly a lot of friends we know, already live there. People appear to have a great way of life, with amazing weather and a very outdoorsy lifestyle, and lots of space in which to enjoy it. It’s definitely a consideration for relocation. However, the tricky thing is obviously to get into the country, although the criteria is a working document, so you never know. Also, Perth is heavily dependent on mining which is its main industry, there needs to be a little more diversification of trade and industry just in case the bubble bursts.








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