On the last weekend of our visit to Perth we decided to take a trip to the beautiful Margaret River and sample the many wines and beaches the area is famed for. We hired a fantastic AirBnB through one of Jane’s old connections. A stunning house perched on the edge of Dunsborough, complete with grazing Kangaroos! (apols for the rubbish pic, iphone again)


Whilst we were in Dunsborough, and before we got to the house we had arranged to hook up with our Gili friends who happen to live there. Great to catch up with Amanda and the Kids for the afternoon.

After completing a little shopping, we headed of to the house. Waiting for us at the other end were Jane’s folks, who, we haven’t seen for age. They have been bobbing around WA for a few months in a camper having a great time by the sound of it. Later on in the evening Jane, Tj & Olly arrived, John treated us to a roast chicken dinner. He’s quite the chef these days. Paella the following evening!


We spent the weekend visiting the beautiful beaches, kayaking with the boys. Obviously stopping at one of the many vineyards along the way to sample the wine, and pick up something to have with dinner. We even let the boys off the leash in a chocolate factory

Driving through the countryside we stopped off at a Karri forest. Karri trees are some of the tallest in the world, especially the ones in NZ. Although WA is no exception and these beasts towered above the ground.

Hamlin Bay is a wonderfully golden beach, with inlets and islands as its decoration, not that it needed any. Here we were treated to display from some Stingrays who had come into the shore to feed on fish provided by a few people on the beach. Amazing to be in the company of such large and graceful predators, truly alien in their appearance. The feeding obviously attracted the attention of the wiley seagulls. However, the Stingers kept them in check.

On the last day we promised the boys we would take a trip to the local water park in Dunsborough. Jane and Tj headed off home for work and we stayed on with the boys. Once tired out from all the screaming and running about we took a ride to Busselton as there is a veeeeery long pier there with a natural Aquarium at the end that we wanted to check out. Unfortunately we never made it past the first playground, as poor Kit fell off the whale and badly banged his elbow. It was a really big egg, so off we flew to the local A&E to have him checked out. Turns out it was a really big bruise.. Phew!

Note: I have to say, the medical services here in WA are top-notch, they make the NHS look drastically underfunded.. err wait. Everything runs like clockwork and it is as pleasant an experience as a hospital visit can be.

We were overall quite taken by WA as a place to live. It appears to have everything one would need for a happy outdoors life. It also contains lots of people we already know and have mentioned previously but also, the lovely Dave Horton! who, hasn’t changed a bit.


It’s definitely on the list for potential move for a few years. At worst, we will be back on the new 15hr Dreamliner service..

Much love for the WA x


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