From Proserpine Airport, we arrived in Airlie Beach, Cannonvale where we stayed in a rather nice shabby chic little Air BNB which was lovely. Cannonvale is a little bit out of Airlie beach so not as expensive. Still close to the sea front so we can walk or ride into Airlie Beach fairly quickly, bus system is also very good. The bus driver’s crack a smile! I know, right.

Airlie Beach is really lovely and everything is almost free, as it is with most of Aus. Beautifully manicured lawns and gardens with amazing views of the islands. There is a huge outdoor pool with public BBQ’s dotted around for you to use. We spent a good couple of days getting acquainted before heading out for our Whitsunday experience

On the Saturday afternoon, we made out way to the marina and boarded the Solway Lass. The boat has quite an interesting and lengthy history from being built in 1905 to being through 2 world wars and on the bottom of the ocean, worth a read if you like history.

We met all the crew and passengers and set sail for the Whitsundays. There was quite a bit of wind so was choppy and not for the seasick amongst us, yes, you guessed it, the wee man threw up again, poor boy.

After dropping anchor we sat down for dinner and enjoyed the evening chatting and watching the rich wildlife gathering under the boats spotlight. lots of barracuda.

The next day we sailed over to Whitehaven beach with its wonderful silica sand and crystal seas. There was a lagoon within which were some Baby Lemon Sharks trapped by the tide using the Lagoon as a nursery, quite impressive and close up

Once we’d all had too much fun on the beach we returned to the boat for lunch and to prepare for a snorkelling adventure on the reef. Unfortunately a cyclone came through the area not so long back and destroyed some of the coral sites that the ship used to visit. However we were still treated to some of the biggest, most colourful coral i have seen to date, truly wonderful, if a tad murky. A big mention here for Kit who up until now has not really wanted to brave the snorkelling, he made a tremendous effort and loved it! Id like to say this is where the days activity stopped.. THIS!

Phew! that was a busy day folks, super hungry at this point! chef had cooked up a stroganoff treat to accompany Dolphins and Sharks feeding under the ships night light. Wonderful sight and we all got to see it… #nopictures #doh..

The following morning we sailed in to a cove where an Aboriginal cave was located. The cave was 1000’s of years old and still contained drawings that had been protected information about the displaced people of the island. These people were not treated very well in the past. This is not to say that things haven’t changed, because they have and been handed back land and have a greater say in what goes on in sacred sites. Progress!

This concluded the end of our 2 day trip, we had a fantastic time, what a wonderful place that the Aussie’s really take care off and understand how special it is.

Note: I got chatting to a girl on the plane when travelling back to Brizzy. She is a marine biologist who lives in Airlie and her job is to monitor the reef for changes. She confirmed that the effects of warming seas brought on by climate change are indeed killing the beautiful coral here (I know you know, but alway good to hear first hand, from an expert right?). It’s such a fragile environment that just a few small changes in temperature can destroy acres of coral. Help with your pocket and choose energy providers that use renewables only, there are plenty about and some are even cheaper. End of sermon…

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