SO EXCITED! Fraser island is a few hours up the motorway, followed by a short ferry crossing, then sand motorway on Fraser. We assembled in Noosa and were collected by a wild looking chap by the name of Alex, a proper Aussie bloke! We were onboarded in to a Land Cruiser, with a collection of other equally excited explorers, and off we went! We reached the ferry crossing after around 2 hours, and started the crossing.

On the other side, we stared to speed along the beach. Alex informed us that the Fraser Island Beach is classified as a public highway and carries a limit of 80kph, all 120km of it. The tide was high, so on a number of occasions, flying on a mix of sand and water felt like the vehicle was just aquaplaning. Thrilling stuff!

There are a number of resorts on the island ranging from top class right the way down to our tent 🏕. Lunch is served!

A quick change into some sun cream and costumes and we were taken to the most paradise like beach we have ever been to, Lake McKenzie. No more than 6 meters deep, with crystal clear freshwater, and golden fine sand beaches, it was just superb.

We then took a walk through Frasers amazing bio diverse forest. As we moved from Dune to Dune there can be seen distinct changes in the plant diversity as the salt in the sand gets thinner. We eventually ended up at an ancient creek, where Aboriginal women used to come to gave birth. The creek is also home to the impressive king Fern.


Next stop the SS Maheno Shipwreck located right on the beach. Originally a 5 story ship with elegant interior. Now reduced to just 1 level, most of the rest if gone or under the sand unfortunately. interestingly, when it ran aground in a storm, the locals used the ship to throw parties and weddings. I bet it was great for parties.

A quick swim in Lake Wabby (the featured image) before heading off. There are some enormous Catfish swimming around us.

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