Today we took a trip out to the city, through Sydney Harbour and the wonderful Opera House. Sydney has a lot to offer the traveller, so we tried to fit in as much as possible in the time we are here. There is no better way to see the city and the Opera house than a boat trip in the harbour. The views are stunning from every angle.

Our boat trip lead us out to the otherside of the harbour to Taronga Zoo where we spent the afternoon wandering around in it jungle environment and looking back across at the City.

Im not a massive fan of Zoo’s, particularly because of the way some of the animals are cooped up all the time and can appear depressed. Taronga has transformed over the years and  preserved some of the old animal houses that were deemed acceptable back then. These were tiny and the animals would have been chained up for most of the time. Obviously now the animals now run free in much larger enclosures and are treated very well. The key progression for me is the way the zoo’s talk about endangered species and what you, as a visitor, can do you help. Onsite interaction is available to get involved in the fight to protect the animals globally. Education.


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