A ‘quick’ 10 hour flight landed us in outskirts of Tokyo at Narita Airport. After getting equipped with a sim card and Skyliner & Subway tickets, we headed into Shinjuku City, where we will be for the week. Hikari House is a basic but great little guesthouse/hostel (I’m not sure). It is well located and has everything we need for the week, like: toilet seat warmer, signs stating no nudity and no view from the window, you know, the basics :). .It is actually very functional, with lovely staff, recommended.

In this morning we decided to see some Cherry Blossom. Not to far from where we are staying is Shinjuku Goyen. Along the way we stopped at a rather nice little bakery to grab some breakfast. Shinjuku Goyen is a cheap day out and only charge the adults £3:50 each, bargain! It looks like we arrived at the right time as the flowing has started!!!! The Park is lovely and has a wonderful old Japanese garden within its walls.


Trying to get a picture with some flowers was a little tricky as everyone else had the same idea and this particular park was packed.


All that flowering stuff is hard graft, time for a spot of lunch at Blackhole Yakiniku but not before an encounter with GODZILLA! The beast was towering over a cinema building nearby, the kids loved it. It even had the music going on the hour with lights and smoke coming out of his mouth. Ace!

img_0151 We all have to regress sometime.. Food was ace, shirt was left clean!


Right let’s find that Kit Kat chocolatory. It’s one of the many Kit Kat outlets that make many different flavours including wasabi! Also found some fancy eclairs which were fantastic..

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