Early start today, we ventured across the city to visit a 160 year old origami house. Our oldest was beside himself, as being an origami disciple, this is the part of the trip he has been looking forward to the most. The Kaikan Origami House is situated in Bunkyo City a short distance from Ueno, but the subway makes this trip easy and quick.

We stopped off at a bakery to get some breakfast.

Once stocked up for the morning we took a short walk through the temple gardens of Ueno Onshi Park to absorb our daily dose of Cherry Blossoms and Temple buildings.

No wait! it can’t be, it is, IT SUPER MARIO CART, like, in real life *rubs eyes*….


I’d like hoodwink you into thinking that this is the only obscure sighting we will see today. However, this is Japan, and we are surrounded by it, so i can’t. I find it one of Japan’s many endearing qualities. A veritable feast for the eyes.

The Kaikan Origami House is quite an average building, but immediately sparks intrigue as you are drawn to the intricacies of folded paper on display in the shop window.

There is something on every floor of the 6 story building and its a real wonder for kids. There is the paper manufacturing room where paper is dyed and hung, a shop and best of all, the owner (3rd Generation) was there performing freehand folding for the kids. He made a horse, dachshund and a chicken while not even looking at the paper he was folding.

The boys were fascinated by this guy, he was really skilled and such a lovely of chap. Not to be outdone though, Jago made him a dragon, which, Kit thrust under the old guy to show him how cool his brother is. very sweet…


The boys selected a couple of small books to work with, and the owner signed them. All in all a great experience, and highly recommended for all ages.

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