Uber looking trains right, this is the Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto? The newest trains are modelled on the beak of a Kingfisher. Previously the bullet trains would exit some of Japan’s tunnels (Osaka to Hakata mostly) and produce a sonic boom. This disturbed the wildlife, which just wouldn’t do. If nature was suffering, maybe it holds the answers. And yes it does! Turns out the beak of the Kingfisher is formed so as to disburse water efficiently and cut through rather than push out of the way. The wildlife can now enjoy a cup of tea in peace…..Nerd facts!


Anyway, it got us to our digs in good time that’s for sure. A modest Hostel located in the north-east quarter of Kyoto close to Kyoto Uni, and really near the Ginkakuji Temple and the Philosophers Walk, both on the agenda for the few days we are here. The kids love the fact we are all in one massive floor bed together.


We went out to find some food and took a stroll through a local park, Yoshidayama Green Space. It was blessed with panoramic views towards the west of the city, lovely

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