Gion and surrounding areas are Geisha central, if you like that sort of thing. Contrary to popular belief possibly driven by some gawd awful american film directors, Geisha’s are not prostitutes, but entertainers of higher levels of society. Trained from the age of 15-20 in order to master their craft. Sadly we didn’t see a real one, nor do we have the funds to go and see a performance. However, there were lots of “plastic geisha’s” wandering the parks looking for the instagram opportunity, smiling for the tourists or placing their memoirs on social media…

All the gardens we have been to, all have contained lots of people sitting under the Blossom trees having a picnic. This is good luck in Japan. You could try this in West Norwood, not the same though init. Maruyama Park entrance is littered with foody outlets with all kinds of wonderful offerings.

MMM Afternoon tea in one of Gions many tea rooms


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