Just across the road from our noisy Hostel, is the great Ginkakuji Temple. Ginkaku-ji or “Temple of the Silver Pavilion”,  is a Zen temple. Ashikaga Yoshimasa (a Shogun) initiated plans for creating a retirement villa and gardens in around 1460. After his death, Yoshimasa arranged for this property to become a Zen temple, and that it is. There are anly a few flowers out, but it still feels like a garden in bloom.

Right next to the Temple and running alongside a blossom filled riverside, is the Philosophers walk. Stuffed with tourists and colourful collections.

If its stuffed with tourists, you know the street food isn’t be far away..

Gyoza and Takoyaki. .A.. MA.. ZING! We all  went mad for it, except Kit of course, poor boy is burdened with beige taste buds. We will break him eventually MWAHAHAHA!!


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