Hiroshima was a must on our journey, to explain to the children what happened here and also to pay our respects to the tragic, senseless loss of civilians as a result of atomic weapons.

Hiroshima is a peaceful city with a central garden peace park and museum. The riverside is draped in cherry blossom and the people here are lovely, as all Japanese have been. As we approached the riverside and the Ruin of Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall comes into view, it’s hard to find words that express the emotions you feel as your mind immediately tries to imagine the horror of what happened here.

A visit to the memorial museum is all you need to kickstart a nuclear disarmament drive. Some countries would benefit from a visit. Inside is a tough experience, as on display are possessions and pictures of the injured and deceased, including lots of children lost in an instant on the spot, and beyond 9km from the hypocentre of the bomb. It was a very moving experience, and one we will never forget.

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