A short tram ride from Hiroshima, is Miyajimaguchi, the gateway to the wonderful Miyajima Island and all its beauty. As you cross on the ferry and approach the island the O-Torii Gate situated just offshore grab

s your attention, as it did for everyone on the ferry who rushed to one side to take the money shot photo/selfie. Similar to this one, but with a face in it.


It’s difficult to see in the pic, but the colours and contrasts in the plant life is spectacular speckled with reds, pinks, orange and browns of different shades.

On entrance we were greeted by these non native Sika Deer. Takemikazuchi, a Shinto deity, is said to have traveled from Nara riding on a white deer. Because of that story, the deer of Miyajima were given a special status from the local authorities around 768. There are incredibly tame and walk alongside tourists. The reason why they are tame becomes clear when you see one of the tourists giving a deer an Oreo biscuit. This upset Jago and indeed all of us as no one should feed them, they are wild animals. But we all know this right?


Further on is the lovely, the Omotesando Shopping Street offering all kinds of memorabilia and sweet things, every so often punctuated with a matcha green splash.

There are a number of shrines and temples on the island, but to walk around them all you would need a good 6 hours so we chose a few interspersed with some parks for the kids as they are, at this point, officially templed out! We could walk around them forever.

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