Nearing the end of our wonderful stay in Japan. Hakone is the second to last destination before heading out to meet Kerry & Tilly in Hawaii (hula hula).

Home to Mt Hakone and Lake Ashi famous for hot springs and natural beauty. We’re here to do some exploring!! cue the ships captains for the day.


Staying in a cool Hostel, Ks House, of which there are many dotted around Japan. Clean with all the facilities you need. I love the hostels in Japan, they have everything you need and are super clean. The traditional view of hostels does not apply here, and they are more like a cross between and guesthouse and hotel. Usually with tatami mat floors and futon mattresses, Ace!

We took a switch back train and cable car up and over the volcano mouth of Hakone Mt, where we got a spectacular view of mt fuji in the process, along with a few gasps in awe from the rest of the cablecar passengers.

As you cross the mouth, you can smell the sulphur hissing from the pores of the mountain, which the boys thought was quite stinky.

At the top we decided to walk down through the forest to Lake Ashi, taking in a scenic viewpoint along the way, it was such a gorgeous day.

At the Lake, we took some lunch at a local restaurant and headed back a different route to the other end of the water, via Pirate Ship, Arrrrrgh!

Fuji pretty much vanishes out of sight until you get to the other end of the lake. Then it pokes its majestic head above the surrounding mountains, just to let you know who’s boss. Great day out!

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