Ad Hoc Dentistry

Whilst we were on the Maili side of the island, one of my dental bridges came loose as a tooth snapped off the root. It wasn’t painful (already root canalled) at all, just annoying. When we got to a dentist, it was a bit of a chin scratcher, followed up with “we need to do a consultation” and “we might have to refer you to a surgeon”. Being in the US this disturbed my pocket somewhat, as healthcare here is not free, and very expensive. I decided against it, and of course took on the challenge of taking matters into my own hands.

Back at the North Shore ABNB, I got chatting to a guy who was watering our plants, nice chap called Dave. After some niceties and greetings, The conversation went like this:

Me: “you look like a man who has a shed full of tools, bench grinder, dremel etc.”

Dave: “Of course, I have all that stuff!”

Me: “Brilliant, I couldn’t borrow a dremel from you could I”

Dave: “what do you need it for?”

Me: “I need to perform some adhoc dentistry”

Dave: “on who?”

Me: “Me”

Dave: “Oh, I see. Sure, come on over”

I was right, Dave has EVERYTHING! I actually developed some mild shed envy.

I managed to saw a tooth off the bridge and bond the remaining 2 teeth back in to my mouth successfully. Upon returning the tools to Dave, he rewarded me with a beer for my efforts. The 2 of us sat on his lovely porch, supping beer and rocking back and forth on his big outside rocking chairs, discussing campervans and outside toilets. Dentists? Paff! This was a much let painful experience.

Note: To those who see this as reckless – I fully intend to rectify the issue on the NHS upon my return. I love the NHS, and Dave.. I love Dave, and Daves Aladins shed..x


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