Potwisha campground for the next 2 days while we try and see the Crystal Caves and General Sherman (the biggest Sequoia and tree on earth). As we enter the National Park we are advised that in order to get up to the 2 attractions noted above, our vehicle should not be any longer than 22 ft, as the road is very steep and narrow switchbacks for around and hour. Of course we have a 25 ft RV so were unable to get to either of these, gutted! I guess the consolation was the Crystal Cave being closed currently, and we had already seen some amazingly tall, old Giant Sequoia in Yosemite. Oh well.

At least we saw a deer grazing in the campground

We did find a lovely little trail in the foothills of the Sequoia Park which was lovely. Potwisha was traditionally an indian settlement dating back centuries and some of the ancient practices are still visible in the granite by the river.

Indentations made in the rocks from grinding food materials.
You can visualise the community spirit and local chit chat amongst the people as they sat there working
Thats an aqueduct to the right. Hydro is used to power the towns below
Brrrrr melt water
The observation deck
Glorious views and natural beauty

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