With some paper skills from big brother topped of with an origami dragon. We have some gifts lined up! A day at the Chennai Amusement/Water Park. Located about 16KM out of Chennai The VGP is a vast park, with many rides. Unfortunately, like a lot of India, it's a little neglected. Nevertheless, the boys loved … Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIT BOY!

There are road rules – Who knew!

I have always assumed that there are no rules on Indian roads, as it is so chaotic to us that i never thought to ask, until now. Amidst all the random, honking, speeding up, slowing down, flashing lights, undertaking. There are some basic rules which apply, apparently. The reason we see the 'Sound Horn' signs … Continue reading There are road rules – Who knew!

Mamallapuram Temples

We took a tip from Kalifie in Pondi, to take a trip to Mamallapuram, or Mahabalipuram. This is a town on a strip of land between Pondicherry and Chennai Tamil Nadu. It’s known for its temples and monuments built, or rather carved (from granite) and built by the Pallava dynasty in the 7th and 8th … Continue reading Mamallapuram Temples

Lovey Indian Breakfast

After yesterday's invisibility cloak incident, it was lovely to be invited for breakfast with Kalifie and his family. Kalifie is the owner of the homestay are currently in Villa Kalifie via Booking.com highly recommended BTW if you are ever out this way. Kalifie and his family are the most wonderful kind people, and can't do enough … Continue reading Lovey Indian Breakfast

Munnar (Tea)

Munnar and surrounding areas are unbelievably beautiful. Tea manicured mountains that are reminiscent of a Japanese bonsai theme, just wonderful. We took a visit to the Tea Museum/Factory today to understand a little more about the history of the plantations up here in Munnar. It's not one of the horror stories we associate with relinquishing … Continue reading Munnar (Tea)


We stayed in beautiful Kodaikanal for 3 nights. However, weren't able to fully appreciate it as 50% of us were struggling with waste management issues.  we did manage to wander around the town and a few restaurants (not sure who the offender was) We would have liked to entered some of the waterfalls but was … Continue reading Kodaikanal