Alan Parkinson School of Health & Safety

As I watched this guy position his ladder in this way, and then proceed to gingerly climb up it's near perfect 45 degree angle, I could help but think I had previously seen such daredevil activity. Obvs this guy is a complete amateur as he never fell off, and wasn't high enough to potentially pay … Continue reading Alan Parkinson School of Health & Safety

Sibuya Reserve

Situated on the sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape, the Sibuya Reserve is bay far the best trip we have gone on todate. Sibuya means, 'they will rise again' this name was given to the reserve as previously all farm land in days past, lovingly restored back to its former glory, incorporating many protected species and more … Continue reading Sibuya Reserve

Poverty & Security

Whilst we think SA is a gorgeous place with lovely people, the poverty and security that is still very visible plays on my mind, a lot. It wouldn't be morally correct to move through the country without talking about it. Outside the beauty, on the periphery of the cities, are many Townships built up from … Continue reading Poverty & Security

A visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum

Nick Wells kindly offered to arrange a trip to the Franschhoek Motor Museum today, initially Tan was undecided about whether or not she would like to spend time looking at cars. Obviously the boys and I were super excited. We turned up to be greeted by a very nice chap called Wayne who runs the … Continue reading A visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum

It’s just a fart

We are having a lazy day, as the weather is poo, and we have to pack to move on tomorrow. All of a sudden, Jago starts to complain about stomach pains. These get progressively worse in quite a short space of time reducing him to tears. I ask him to tell me on a scale … Continue reading It’s just a fart