Sigiriya Rock Fortress

The place I most wanted to see on Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The setting of the 80's classic, Save a Prayer by the new romantic teen idols, Duran Duran. Got up super early to be greeted by the worst driver in Sri Lanka. This combined with Kit having yoghurt for breakfast, only led to … Continue reading Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Temple of the sacred tooth

We took a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth in Kandy. Said to contain the relic of the tooth of Buddha. Magnificent temple set in acres of land right in the middle of Kandy. Tooth ceremonies are held a few time a day, and the place is packed with tourists all trying to … Continue reading Temple of the sacred tooth


Kandy Sri Lanka is in the central province mountains. Words cannot express better than pictures, so here is a view from the White Buddha Temple viewpoint. Reminds me a little of parts of Northern Italy when viewed from afar. Stunning! We are saying up a mountainside in a Homestay  called Mount Haven run by a … Continue reading Kandy

Favourite Sri Lankan food so far

Kottu RotiIt resembles fried rice, except instead of rice, it's made with a type of roti known as godamba roti (a flat, crispy bread). The roti is normally fried at the beginning of the day, piled into stacks and served as it's ordered. When you place an order, the kottu chef will fry and chop … Continue reading Favourite Sri Lankan food so far

Arrival in Colombo

Sampling food and sights in Colombo. The Gallery Cafe was the first port of call. With a combination of contemporary and local style design, also selling antiques, clothing, giftware and crockery. The cafe is part of the Paradise Road brand and has become a leading local design brand in Sri Lanka. The food was delicious and … Continue reading Arrival in Colombo

How to dive with Whales

At breakfast this morning we met a really cool lady called Rae Gill. We get chatting and it turns out Rae is an instructor on how to swim with whales. fascinating conversation. She was over looking at a new location (cannot disclose, top secret). Anyhoo, thought i would give her a mention and let you … Continue reading How to dive with Whales