Koh Lipe

We set out to Koh Lipe yesterday, at high speed in slightly choppy weather. If you've ever been in a speedboat, you will be aware that at speed, across waves, they are quite unforgiving. We got slammed around for 2:30.. OOoff! Luckily we had just waved goodbye to dear family and friends, so were equipped … Continue reading Koh Lipe

Khlong Chak Waterfall Hike – Koh Lanta

What a way to spend New Years Eve. Nick and i hired a couple of mopeds and took the boys up to a National Reserve on Koh Lanta. After a short ride through the island we parked up and began our ascent up to the top. It's about a 2 Km hike through streams and … Continue reading Khlong Chak Waterfall Hike – Koh Lanta

Khao Lak

We are already making our way down to Phuket to meet family for a couple of weeks at Christmas, we can't wait, and are all very excited! Still not heard one Christmas song.. bliss! We have a few days on the Khao Lak beaches, one of the sites that succumbed to the merciless Tsunami of … Continue reading Khao Lak

Khao Sok National Reserve – The Story

A Jungle Blog by Jago Parkinson Age 10 We have just driven 4 hours from Chumphon into the Khao Sok National Reserve jungle,to stay in our treehouse Our Jungle House for a few days. We booked some trips to go on whilst we are in the jungle ,and I am going to talk to you about … Continue reading Khao Sok National Reserve – The Story

Plastic not fantastic

Chumphon is beautiful, with miles of golden beaches and wonderful places to eat great Thai food. However, the scourge of plastic and trash being dumped in rivers inland, is all too evident and eventually makes its way to the sea. The result can be seen in the to the right where the sea-line has come … Continue reading Plastic not fantastic


We picked up a car from the Airport and headed down to Phetchaburi from Bangkok. The journey is not to far, about 2:30. This is our first time driving in Thailand and we have to say, it's a fairly calm and orderly experience. Phetchaburi is not really that popular with tourists, so there are few … Continue reading Phetchaburi

Thailand – Bangkok

Said farewell to Sri Lanka and took a 4 hour flight to Bangkok today. It was a welcome sight to be amongst some order and no one peeping horns 24/7. Both T and I have visited Bangkok in the past couple of decades, and have to say it has changed quite a bit in this … Continue reading Thailand – Bangkok