Big Sur

Carrying on up the california coastline via California 1, first stop Big Sur home of the Giant Redwoods, and many stunning views to entertain the eye. Big Sur Cabin and Campground Camping amongst the trees is a great experience Top of Pfeiffer Big Sur Valley View

Pismo Beach

As we arrive back on the coast we selected an RV park with the full hook up this time, water, electric, waste and of course, the hallowed WiFi!!! Up until we pulled into this RV park we thought our trusty steed was quite large. It was dwarfed as we drove into the shadows of the … Continue reading Pismo Beach

Sequoia National Forest

Potwisha campground for the next 2 days while we try and see the Crystal Caves and General Sherman (the biggest Sequoia and tree on earth). As we enter the National Park we are advised that in order to get up to the 2 attractions noted above, our vehicle should not be any longer than 22 … Continue reading Sequoia National Forest