Zip lining

Second to last day we decided to partake in some Zip Lining. Located just a few miles north of us is Climb Works @ Keana Farm, within which the owner has turned the airspace above, into a Zip Lining experience. We had so much fun. There are 8 of the highest and longest zip lines we … Continue reading Zip lining

Kawela Bay Beach Park

Not to far from where we are staying is a great little beach that you get to via a small forest of Banyan trees. Not just any trees  though. These Banyan trees have seen Johnny Depp dressed up as a pirate and some other people from a show that got lost, called, err, Lost.

Food Trucks

Having completed little research before landing on Hawaii, I had no idea about the standard of food being pumped out of the food trucks here. North Shore is especially loaded with food trucks, and they all serve a main menu theme (Mexican, Shrimp etc.) with quite a few more dishes on offer than we expected … Continue reading Food Trucks

Ad Hoc Dentistry

Whilst we were on the Maili side of the island, one of my dental bridges came loose as a tooth snapped off the root. It wasn’t painful (already root canalled) at all, just annoying. When we got to a dentist, it was a bit of a chin scratcher, followed up with “we need to do … Continue reading Ad Hoc Dentistry

Shark Cove

Today we went for a snorkel off Shark Cove. A semi enclosed area teeming with life. We headed out and were soon greeted by all kinds of reef fish, it was lovely. As we crossed over a drop off to peer under looking for life we came across a baby White Tip Shark sleeping under … Continue reading Shark Cove

North Shore

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. Famous for its surf and fabulous beaches, did not disappoint. We’d already been up here a few times in week one to visit the Turtles, and try out the Poke. The accommodation was lower key, but still had a great feel to it and suited the surroundings very well, beachy. From … Continue reading North Shore

Waimea Falls

A short trip from Lanikai Beach is Waimea Falls. Set in a beautiful valley in North Shore, Waimea is a botanical garden walk followed up with a refreshing waterfall and natural lagoon within which you can swim.