Port Macquarie

Ok, here we go, off to see the Houghs! just a 4:30 min drive north of Sydney is one of the first penal colonies, Port Macquarie. We are heading up to see Gary, Mary-Ann and Arthur (more friends) who moved to the area recently to escape the city and enjoy a more relaxed environment. Well, … Continue reading Port Macquarie

Dan, Amanda and Family – Coogee

Not far from where we were staying in Coogee, there is a beautiful beach area/seafront. Tan had arranged to meet up with Dan & Amanda there, old friends from the Uk who lived here in Sydney when Tan did back in the 90's. They also have a couple of kids now who packed up with … Continue reading Dan, Amanda and Family – Coogee

George Town – Penang

If first impressions are all we have to go on, then George Town wins hands down. The Colonial Architecture, Contemporary, Classic, Retro, Traditional style meld draw you in and inspire intrigue. What a wonderful melting pot of South Eastern and Colonial cultures. Staying at a wonderful little guest house called Sweet Cili, where they have … Continue reading George Town – Penang

Thailand – Bangkok

Said farewell to Sri Lanka and took a 4 hour flight to Bangkok today. It was a welcome sight to be amongst some order and no one peeping horns 24/7. Both T and I have visited Bangkok in the past couple of decades, and have to say it has changed quite a bit in this … Continue reading Thailand – Bangkok

Munnar (Tea)

Munnar and surrounding areas are unbelievably beautiful. Tea manicured mountains that are reminiscent of a Japanese bonsai theme, just wonderful. We took a visit to the Tea Museum/Factory today to understand a little more about the history of the plantations up here in Munnar. It's not one of the horror stories we associate with relinquishing … Continue reading Munnar (Tea)

The “Great” British Empire

I already know the East India Trading Co, followed by The British Empire in India, was an absolutely terrorising period that, in short, raped India of its money, livelihood, land, crops etc and turned some of its rulers against it with bribes. However, the gritty detail was laid bare yesterday, when we visited the Gandhi … Continue reading The “Great” British Empire