Nearing the end of our wonderful stay in Japan. Hakone is the second to last destination before heading out to meet Kerry & Tilly in Hawaii (hula hula). Home to Mt Hakone and Lake Ashi famous for hot springs and natural beauty. We're here to do some exploring!! cue the ships captains for the day. … Continue reading Hakone

Miyajima Island

A short tram ride from Hiroshima, is Miyajimaguchi, the gateway to the wonderful Miyajima Island and all its beauty. As you cross on the ferry and approach the island the O-Torii Gate situated just offshore grab s your attention, as it did for everyone on the ferry who rushed to one side to take the … Continue reading Miyajima Island

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

ALLLLL the way over on the west side of Kyoto, is the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, very popular with tourists, and we can see why. As you approach the towering bamboo trees its like entering the dense forest of another world. There are a number of temples located in an around and the bamboo is … Continue reading Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Ginkakuji Temple

Just across the road from our noisy Hostel, is the great Ginkakuji Temple. Ginkaku-ji or "Temple of the Silver Pavilion",  is a Zen temple. Ashikaga Yoshimasa (a Shogun) initiated plans for creating a retirement villa and gardens in around 1460. After his death, Yoshimasa arranged for this property to become a Zen temple, and that it is. There … Continue reading Ginkakuji Temple

Afternoon Tea and a stroll in Gion

Gion and surrounding areas are Geisha central, if you like that sort of thing. Contrary to popular belief possibly driven by some gawd awful american film directors, Geisha's are not prostitutes, but entertainers of higher levels of society. Trained from the age of 15-20 in order to master their craft. Sadly we didn't see a … Continue reading Afternoon Tea and a stroll in Gion

Senso-ji Temple

Tokyo may not have as many temples as Kyoto (soon to discover). Legend tells of two brothers who, in the year 628, fished a statue of goddess of mercy, Kannon, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Senso-ji was built nearby for … Continue reading Senso-ji Temple